This product is packaged and sold by the box, covering an area of 20.56 sq.ft. per box.
This product is available and we can supply it based on the amount of the order.
Part of the TF66 series, explore other variants within this collection to find your perfect match.
Experience the distinct design of Silver City, uniquely identified by its model number TF6608-F.
Certified by Floor Score.
For a certified clean air, this product has CARB II certification.
12.3mm in thickness stands for superior resilience and a deluxe underfoot sensation.

Technical Details For This Flooring - Laminate Product

Style, ID
Silver City, TF6608-F
Product Categories
Brand: The brand refers to the company that manufactures or supplies the flooring product. Knowing the brand can give you an idea of the product's quality, durability, and overall reputation in the market.
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Toucan (Products)
Collection: This refers to a specific line or range of flooring products offered by the brand. Collections often have a common theme, design, or set of features and are curated to meet particular aesthetic or functional needs.
Model Code
Model Code: This is a unique identifier often related to the color or specific design of the product within its collection. The manufacturer uses this code to differentiate between various styles, finishes, or hues available, making it easier for you to find the exact product you're looking for.
Model Name
Silver City
Model Name: This is the more user-friendly name given to the product, as opposed to the Model Code. Often descriptive and easier to remember, the Model Name gives you a quick idea of the product's style, color, or special features. It serves as an easy reference when discussing or searching for the product.
Floor Score
Certifies compliance with rigorous indoor air quality requirements. FloorScore® certification ensures that hard surface flooring and adhesives are tested for compliance with rigorous indoor air quality requirements. FloorScore ® is the most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. Developed by SCS with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), a leading industry trade association of flooring manufacturers and suppliers, it qualifies for many green building schemes including LEED v4, WELL, BREEAM, and CHPS.
CARB II Certification
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is California’s “clean air agency”. The organization launched the Phase II certification. The stated goals of CARB include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality and protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants. A floor covering that holds this certification meets stringent standards for volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions.
Total Thickness
12.30 mm (0.484″)
Total Thickness: This indicates the overall thickness of each plank in the flooring product, usually measured in millimeters (mm). The thickness can impact various aspects of the floor, such as comfort underfoot, sound insulation, and durability. A thicker plank generally offers better sound insulation and a more solid feel, making it important to consider based on the intended use and location of the flooring.
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12.30 mm (0.484″) (Products)
Installation Type
Installation Type: This specifies the method used to install the flooring. Options may include floating, where the planks are not attached to the subfloor but lock together; glue-down, where adhesive is used to secure the flooring to the subfloor; click, which involves a click-lock mechanism for easy installation; loose lay, which doesn't require glue or clicking but lies flat on the subfloor; or self-adhesive, where the back of the plank or tile has a pre-applied adhesive layer.
Plank Length
1218 mm
Plank Length: This indicates the length of each individual flooring plank in the product. The length of the planks can affect the visual flow and pattern of the flooring when installed. Longer planks often create a more seamless, expansive look, while shorter planks can add visual interest through more frequent seams.
Plank Width
196 mm
Plank Width: This refers to the width of each individual flooring plank. The width can significantly influence the overall appearance of the floor once installed. Wider planks can make a room appear larger and more open, while narrower planks often give a more traditional look and can add depth to smaller spaces.
Plank Color (Group)
Plank Color (Group): This refers to the general color classification of the flooring planks. This grouping is not defined by the manufacturer but is a logical categorization to help customers filter and compare products with similar color tones more easily.
Wood Look
Plank Look: This refers to the aesthetic design of the flooring plank, indicating what natural material it is meant to resemble. For example, 'wood look' planks are designed to mimic the appearance of natural wood, while 'stone look' aims to replicate the texture and color variations of natural stone. This feature helps you choose a style that fits the desired ambiance or theme of your space
Underpad Attached
Underpad Attached: This indicates whether the flooring plank comes with an attached underpad or not. An attached underpad simplifies the installation process and may provide added benefits like sound dampening, thermal insulation, and a softer feel underfoot. If the underpad is not attached, you may need to purchase it separately depending on the requirements of your flooring project.
Residential Application
"Residential Application": This indicates whether the flooring product is suitable for use in residential settings like homes and apartments. If marked as appropriate for residential application, it generally means the product has been tested and deemed durable and safe enough for everyday household use.
Commercial Application
"Commercial Application": This term specifies if the flooring is suitable for commercial settings, such as offices, retail spaces, or public buildings. Products marked for commercial application are generally designed to withstand higher foot traffic and more wear and tear compared to those intended solely for residential use.
Residential Warranty
30 years
"Residential Warranty": This indicates the duration, usually in years, for which the flooring product is warrantied when used in a residential setting. It serves as a guarantee of the product's durability and quality, covering specific issues that may arise during this period under normal residential use conditions.
Commercial Warranty
15 years
"Commercial Warranty": This term specifies the length of time, generally measured in years, that a flooring product is covered under warranty when installed in a commercial setting. The warranty acts as an assurance of the product's quality and durability in higher-traffic conditions often encountered in commercial spaces.
Warranty Description
30 years of residential / 15 years of commercial
SQFT Per Box
20.56 sqft
This refers to the total square footage that the planks or tiles in a single box will cover when installed. Knowing this information is essential for calculating the quantity of boxes you'll need for your flooring project. It helps to ensure that you purchase enough material, taking into account both the size of the area to be floored and any additional percentage for waste or mistakes.
Planks Per Box
8 item
"Planks Per Box": This specifies the exact number of planks that are contained in each box. It's an important detail for accurately calculating how many boxes you'll need to complete your flooring project. The number can vary from one product to another, so always check this information before making a purchase.
Boxes Per Pallet
35 item
"Boxes Per Pallet": This feature indicates the number of boxes that come on a single pallet. Knowing this can help you plan for bulk orders or large-scale projects, as it can be more cost-effective and efficient to order by the pallet rather than individual boxes. This information is particularly useful for contractors or anyone planning a sizable flooring installation.
Box Weight (Grams)
21255.34 gram
"Box Weight (Grams)": This specification indicates the total weight of a single box of flooring material, measured in grams. Knowing the weight can be important for shipping calculations, storage planning, and even for the actual installation process. It helps you gauge how easy the boxes will be to move and manage, especially if you're planning to install the flooring yourself.